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Автор Тема: WMRC Round2 UKR-550 vs Iceman protest #1  (Прочитано 2785 раз)
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« : ЅЮпСам 21, 2006, 08:56:16 »

Выход в дивизион B, был самой преоритетной для меня задачей. Я воспользовался всеми легитимными "инструментами" для достижения желанной цели.

Во втором раунде див В: Стибра, Экстра Джин, Шоквейв являлись самыми приемлимыми для меня оппонентами, но они как оказалось были не предрасположены со мной встречаться. В итоге Айсмен, самый недуобный для меня соперник по многим причинам.

Провели две гонки. В первой я получил протест от Айсмена, во второй я был инициатором проекта. Текущий счет по встречам без решений по протестам 1-1.

Я пологаю, что уже сегодня будет результат по первому протесту. Пока выкладываю переписку с комитетом в "сыром состоянии"...


  'WMRC Jury' <protest-2006@vsk-match.com>     
 Відправлено: Tue Nov 21 10:57
 Пріоритет:  Нормальний 
  oc@online.com.ua, 'protest-2006@vsk-match.c ...
 Re: Iceman-Ukr-550 protest 1

Hi Iceman,

First please understand that the first pen you got by rule 15 isn't
something that the jury can help you with. This pen was not caused by
UKR-550. Though it was wrong and caused by a VSK bug, so the only thing
you can do is to ask UKR-550 to accept to cancel the pen.

Regarding the 2nd situation, there is contact and UKR-550 is breaking rule
11 or 10 (dont remember if he had gybed when you hit him). Though you may
have broken rule 16.1 or 17.1, though the jury has not evaluated this yet.
But just a question:
If UKR-550 should have a pen from this situation, didn't he solve this pen
when he did a turn after you got your 2nd pen? If that is the case, then
what is the reason for a protest.

It would be good if you gave some input on this. Maybe the jury doesn't
have to make a decision on this protest...

The WMRC Jury   
  Yevgeniy <oc@online.com.ua>     
 Відправлено: Tue Nov 21 2:50
  'WMRC Jury' <protest-2006@vsk-match.com>
 Пріоритет:  Нормальний 
 Re: Fwd: Iceman-Ukr-550


Good evening!
My commentary to protest Iceman. English I know bad so use translator

the first pen of the adversary consider correct.
in the course of racing I positions obtained for 1 second purely first. on screen
I have seen that between you and me works 12 rules. Right after this I became on
proper course, adversary went little above my course. Between rule 11 and 16,1
works rule 15

after passing of the lay lines, Iceman has not done the tack, than has split the
rule 17,1. I began to execute the manoeuvre first, adversary has not changed the
course and slammed into in my boat, but but nobody en was fined. On upper
distance I have solved to compensate the possible pen after this conflict of the

On Mon Nov 20 23:09 , "WMRC Jury" sent:

------- Forwarded message -------

From: iceman@twtnet.com

To: protest-2006@vsk-match.com

Subject: Iceman-Ukr-550

Date: Mon, 20 Nov 2006 22:58:05 +0100

Good evening,

I want to submit this protest regarding the first match

between Iceman and Ukr-550.

All the situation it quite complex, I will try to explain.

1) during the first downwind leg Iceman was leading and
ukr following. Ukr jibed and Iceman did the same keeping
the overlap. We sailed for a bit on stb keeping the
overlap. Without any luff , close to the layline Iceman
received a pen for rule 15. Immediatly I said it was not
correct, but ukr thought it was right for 17,1 and more
than that he jibed on port for the mark causing also a
stop to Iceman that was still on stb. Iceman claimed again
for protest, ukr refused.
2) Rounding the downwind mark Iceman made a mistake and
touched Ukr, so now the total count of the pen were 2 for
Iceman and 0 for ukr. Iceman did his turn, and without any
reason ukr did a turn too. Now the count of the pens were
still 1 (wrong) for Iceman and 0 for ukr.
3) Going upwind around minute 18,09 Iceman was on stb and
ukr on port coming to a cross. Ukr deleted his tack and
Iceman got his pen deleted. At this point the count of the
pen was o for Iceman and 0 for ukr, but Iceman received
one pen that was not correct on the first run.
4) Around the upwind mark Ukr leaded the race followed by
Iceman and the positions didn't change untill the
finishing line. Before the end Iceman remind to Ukr that
he was still one pen pending, but he denied his
5) After the finish I try to explain the situation but ukr
was convinced to be right so I wrote this protest.
Together you will find the replay.
Thank you very much, waiting for your kind answer.
Bye Iceman.

* WMRC vs Iceman r1.Replay.Gbx (0 Кб - загружено 403 раз.)
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